Lost Family

Hey everyone. I’m here to say that my sims 3 files were all lost when my computer decided it would no longer work for me. I’ve lost everything, and have to rebuild from the beginning. My computer is a peice of crap that this continuously happens with.

I’ve decided though that I will try to continue with a legacy. I might start all over with a new family, new family name and everything. We’ll have to see.

Thank you for following me and thanks for reading this.

1.8- Glitches are awful, I give up on Moonlight Falls, We move

Not many pictures here because I was to busy screaming at my computer to take many. Glitches continued to wreck havoc, and now I honestly am blaming Moonlight Falls because this has never happened to me before in any other town.


First, we have a grandson! Eduardo Dream! Isn’t he adorable? Gwen isn’t to impressed, probably because it isn’t a pet. Meh.



Jean: I’m a tortured artist.

Who paints with bright colours.

┬áJean: Whatever, you wouldn’t understand.


Barbara: grrrr….

Werewolf Barbara working out! Already level 4! You go girl!

We then had a double birthday! Jean and April!


Jean: Awesome man! I’m still living here, right?

Yep, you will. Because I need an artist.

Jean: Sweet.


April: I hate this and I hate you.

Gotta get old sometime dear.

April: Screw you. I’m to young!

Not according to the clock!


Jean goes first and…



Barbara:… I ain’t touching that.

Jean: Now I really am a tortured artist.



April: You know, maybe it won’t be so bad! I mean, I raised great kids, I’m the top of my career, I have an amazing husband… getting old isn’t bad, right?


April: Nope it is. Ugh.

Leaving her to her wallowing, I went to mess with their clothes…


Jean turned out freaking amazing and oh my god, she’s gorgeous. Like, wow…

Jean: I’m a tortured-

Now you’re a hot one. Hmm… I wonder how long I can keep her genetics alive, keeping the hotness, and then combine it back into the main line.

Jean: REALLY!?

Like seventh gen! Seriously.


April: That was disturbing.

Given she spends the most time in her pjs, here’s April in her everyday clothing.


Barbara: Yes! Go mom!

April: I hate this.


Argus: Well, I love you and still think you’re gorgeous.


April: Ohh… now truth?

Argus: You’re old, sagging and smell a little funky but I still think you’re amazing.


April: Sweet talker.

Awwww. Anyway, I have no pictures for a little bit because the twins aged up the next day, which I was excited for.

Except… Kate wouldn’t age. I tried switching hair, I tried resetting, I tried everything. Barbara worked, but I ended up killing Kate in annoyance and moving us from Twinbrook because I have only been experiencing the glitch in Moonlight Falls.


House point one- I ended up changing it a bit more later on.


I put Jean to work…

Jean: I’m still a tortured Artist.


And Barbara begins working towards her LTW…and scoping for men…

With this, I offically declare generation 1 done. Onto Gen2!

1.7-Heiress, Graduation, Wedding

I am so done with glitches, I fucking swear. No, sorry. Anyway, Kate and Barbara were to grow up before Gwen and Steven had theirs, and I decided to name the heiress first.


Kate refused to age though. I screamed, had a fit, and then looked up a possible fix.

Her fucking hair.


So I changed it, as you can see. Made it the same as her twins for my own amusement.


Steven: Happy birthday!

Barbara: Oh, this is so exciting!

Argus: Ha! We’re old!

April: *groans* Really? I just got over that.



Barbara: Thank you father, thank you so much.

Barbara is now No Sense of Humor which is… kinda funny to me.

…Dear lord, please don’t have her want to be a private investigator. I can never finish that career, keep glitching on that one case.


Here we are!!! Barbara, still sticking with the ‘nerd’ look, still serious.

Barbara: This is all illogical.

Oh, shush. Continue reading “1.7-Heiress, Graduation, Wedding”

1.6- Birthdays, Moving out and All that

Alright, welcome back!!!

Last chapter we aged up Gwen, Steven and Gwen now has a crow. April is having a midlife crisis while Argus is zen.


First, lets open this up with: Many many birthdays that occured days after each other.

First: Barbara and Kate!


Ignore the cut away.

April: My babies are all growing up…

Argus: My baby wolf…


Barbara: Parents.

Agreed. Anyway, I didn’t get any before make-up pictures, but her’s their post make-up!


Kate, rocking her cute outfit! She’s a kleptomaniac, so I forsee her using her cuteness to get out of sticky situations.


And then Barbara, where I give her a more nerdy look given her taste in music is geek rock. She’s also perceptive!


Werewolf form.

Soon after, I realized it was another birthday… Continue reading “1.6- Birthdays, Moving out and All that”

1.5- Last of the Babies and a few Birthdays

Hello everyone! This chapter will get us all up to where I am in game- there isn’t many pictures due to various reasons, but the biggest is that I ended up forgetting a few times because I’m awful. Sorry.

I’m also happy to say I managed to fix my glitch with the ground- a mod I had was fucking with my game. I’m also attempting to do the same with a glitch that makes me unable to click on children.

Anyway, onward!


Peter: Stupid family, this is awful and I hate being the eldest.

Well someone has to change diapers while the parents are away.

Peter: Hmph.


Gwen apparently enjoys being by herself and pretending she isn’t related to the rest of the family.

Gwen: Actually, you sent me out looking for a rainbow gem.

…Oh yeah, I did… wait, what?!

Gwen somehow ended up rolling the LTW… Zoologist…

Gwen: Animals are adorable!

You’re evil, though! Are you going to be like the evil Snow White?

Gwen: hmm, that’s a thought….

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1.4-More Babies and a Promotion

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy another fantastic chapter!

So, we left off with the death of Natalie. I… I looked for anything to help, screamed and searched but there was nothing. Nothing I could find, nothing I could do… I had nothing.

I debated about the future children born to April and Argus, but decided to forgo naming one of them Natalie. It… it felt wrong.


April and Argus had to go back to business as well. I needed more then Gwen in case it happened again.


Took this once I realized really how bad Natalie was glitched. Damn…


Peter: I’m going to show everyone how cool I am man. Gonna stick it to the man!

…Sure you are Peter, sure you are… Continue reading “1.4-More Babies and a Promotion”

1.3- Babies and Death

Welcome back to the next instalment!!! I hope you guys enjoy this- because when I was playing I got very, very, very pissed off.

You’ll find out why soon.


April was moming while she was pregnant, potty training Peter happily. Eventually she rolled the stressed out moodlet which lead to me giving them a stroller.


Which she doesn’t know how to use… at all.


April: Going to be a fine businessman.

You might want to hold off on that.

…And what is with your outfit?!


April went home and began having contraction- while their brand new maid stood around screaming.


Peter: *playing*

April: AH!!!


Meet baby Natalie!!!

She’s: absent minded and clumsy. Her likes are: Hip-hop, stew and purple. She’s also a werewolf. Continue reading “1.3- Babies and Death”